Posted by: saratronomy | January 29, 2010

What a lovely sunny day =)

It’s been a while since I posted something here .I ‘ve had an important turning point in my life even though it’s “that” stressful but it’s making it obvious to me how much strong and responsible I am =) I got back my self confidence after 2 years of being down and helpless. I am enjoying my busy life .I am enjoying meeting up with new people and I am happy with the personality change. There are just a couple of things left .Soon everything will be crystal clear.

I am in love with the weather today I wish for everyone to be enjoying it to the max and having plenty of fun things to do =) and for those who are not feeling so well I think enjoying the sunny morning and some good tunes will chear you up that much =) radio broadcasting will work on the latter but make sure you’re “outdoors” .

for mood toning I recommend smooth jazz or some love music 🙂 Have a wonderful sunny morning everyone.



  1. I hope u feel awesome all the way long, Sara.. And gr88 tips!! Though I’d rather listen to Metal 😀

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