Posted by: saratronomy | January 18, 2009

Hip Hop Fun :D

I don’t know where they learn hip hop here in Egypt and I dunno whether I can afford it or not 😀 but I decided I want to learn a few steps anyway .I found this hip hop trainer online called Madonna Grimes she’s FASCINATING :D.I tried the first 8 counts of her choreography and they ARE SO MUCH FUN 😀 .Wanted to share with you all .Make sure you warm up before you start the excercise .See it all @




  1. Ya BS fi gym gamboko bey3allem hip-hop esmoh Body Works, bss personally ana marta7tesh fel hip hop class beta3oh!

  2. hip hop classes ! now thats a new shred of info on both of you !

  3. YEAH 😀 plz don’t stop the MUSIC…music:D

  4. hi there.. i’m new here. nice blog 🙂 there are hiphop classes at shakenshape studio. it’s really cool. i haven’t personally tried it but my friends have and they’re really happy with it. check their website and they’re very close in helio:
    good luck!

    • Hi Amira 🙂

      Thanks for your reply .I know shakenshape for sure .It’s near my house …Personally I ‘ve been doing aerobics everyweek now but in Heliopolis club it’s very similar to hip hop .I chose it however to build up some muscles instead of building up fats 🙂

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