Posted by: saratronomy | December 31, 2008

The new Sunsilk slogan &The new year

I really dislike the new sunslik slogan “el 7ayah mabtestanash ” do I really need to be reminded each time I see the ad or take a shower that “el 7ayah mabtestanash!” wana lesa ma3mltesh 7aga :@ ?!7aga mostafeza awy ! anyway …Happy Fu$%%^’ New year 3ala ra2y ahmed 7elmy fe film “keda reda” bas hwa kan bey2olha 3ala el FALANTINE ! bas heya mesh far2a keteer ..homa el etneen beyfakarony eny 3amala akbar we el habal beyzeed we aho wa2t ma7soob 3alaya we khalas ! the new year eve is just a typical eve for me that ends around 9:00 pm .Mostly every year I am accustomed to witness three typical events just as typical as the new year eve. Someone I know gets married ,Someone I know delivers a new baby to the harsh world (yatara yabny el denia mekhabyalak eh ) and Sadly Someone I know dies (That’s the hard part ) .Yatara ana ba2a el dooor 3alaya fe eh belzabt ?! wala lesa it’s not my turn yet?

When the world was celebrating the millennium ..That’s what I was thinking ” YAAAH yatara hayeegy yom we neb2a 2010 masalan ?! will I witness that ?! A whole decade?! dana sa3etha hab2a kebeera we hakoon khalast el kolleya we bashtaghal we bobos akhooya haykoon fe sanawy :D”
Now as 2010 is approaching That’s what I am thinking “It’s just another additional year. ”

Kol sana wento tayebeen and I really wish that this upcoming year is everyone’s turn for a “happy” event:) don’t let my words turn you off it’s well known that I am not the most optimistic person you’d meet.But sometimes I can make you smile šŸ™‚

Bless you all fellow bloggers šŸ™‚


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