Posted by: saratronomy | December 28, 2008

Finished knitting my scarf :D and I am proud

It’s not very cute but I love it because i was so persistent in finishing and finalizing what I have started and I count it as an achievement 😀 *BOWS* 😀 .It started as a motivation from my best friend oojy aka gjoe a couple of weeks ago :D. She recommended me to imitate one of the women in “desperate house wives” who used to get over her boredom or fear from time by knitting . It actually worked like wonders 😀 Thanks oojy.


My Scarf:D



  1. Sartooooooooooooooooot!!

    Alf Alf Alf mabroook 😀

    It looks very nice wallahy 😀

    Bas i was refering to another series.. bass maa 3aleena 😀

  2. niiiiiiiiiiiiice ya sartoot

  3. Great work BS!

  4. NICEE JOB..
    It looks so cute… BOWzzzzzz!!

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