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I feel much better now =)

That makes me 22 years old =)

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Wonderful song by ABBA =)

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What a lovely sunny day =)

It’s been a while since I posted something here .I ‘ve had an important turning point in my life even though it’s “that” stressful but it’s making it obvious to me how much strong and responsible I am =) I got back my self confidence after 2 years of being down and helpless. I am enjoying my busy life .I am enjoying meeting up with new people and I am happy with the personality change. There are just a couple of things left .Soon everything will be crystal clear.

I am in love with the weather today I wish for everyone to be enjoying it to the max and having plenty of fun things to do =) and for those who are not feeling so well I think enjoying the sunny morning and some good tunes will chear you up that much =) radio broadcasting will work on the latter but make sure you’re “outdoors” .

for mood toning I recommend smooth jazz or some love music 🙂 Have a wonderful sunny morning everyone.

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When you Love without Saying even a word

Lovely =)

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In Love with bread :)

Forgive the arabic that I ‘m just about to write 😀 but I find this song very significant to me since my favorite food is actually bread :DI heard it in a video for a twin sisters (I know them from school and it was taken in the wedding of one of them 🙂 ) their father is Amrselim (The composer) but I don’t know who wrote the lyrics.

رد عليه ردة يا رغيفي يا ابو ردة……

رد عليه ردة يارغيفي يا ابو ردةليه انا كل محبك لازم اعضك “هم”عضةةةةة

رد عليه و قلي ..قلي هم هم هم كلني

رد عليه و قلي ..قلي هم هم هم كلني

و اتغدابي و خلي الايام تتأضا

ليه ديمأ تتأمر لما تكون متأمر…

ليه ديمأ تتأمر لما تكون متأمر…

و الوش ال متحمممممممر يصبح زي الوردة

رد عليه ردة يا رغيفي يا ابو ردة……رد عليه ردة يا رغيفي يا ابو ردة

ليه انا كل محبك لازم اعضك “هم”عضةةةة

المنفوخ و مكور و النار فيك بتنور

المنفوخ و مكور و النار فيك بتنور

يا أهم من المرمر و الؤلؤ و الفضة

أللز من اللزة بنام فيك نتغزا

وأللز من اللزة بنام فيك نتغزا

ولا اتوه ولا اتأزززا من دوخة او خضة

رد عليه ردة يا رغيفي يا ابو ردة……رد عليه ردة يا رغيفي يا ابو ردة

ليه انا كل محبك لازم اعضك “هم”عضةةةةة
If you can’t view the embedded video you can click on the video in the vodpod widget side bar on the right 🙂

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Hip Hop Fun :D

I don’t know where they learn hip hop here in Egypt and I dunno whether I can afford it or not 😀 but I decided I want to learn a few steps anyway .I found this hip hop trainer online called Madonna Grimes she’s FASCINATING :D.I tried the first 8 counts of her choreography and they ARE SO MUCH FUN 😀 .Wanted to share with you all .Make sure you warm up before you start the excercise .See it all @


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I NOW HAVE A DRIVING LICENSE AND I CAN DRIVE 😀 . Today is an important milestone .It’s nice to prove some people’s wrong;)

*doing the hola hola dance*

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The new Sunsilk slogan &The new year

I really dislike the new sunslik slogan “el 7ayah mabtestanash ” do I really need to be reminded each time I see the ad or take a shower that “el 7ayah mabtestanash!” wana lesa ma3mltesh 7aga :@ ?!7aga mostafeza awy ! anyway …Happy Fu$%%^’ New year 3ala ra2y ahmed 7elmy fe film “keda reda” bas hwa kan bey2olha 3ala el FALANTINE ! bas heya mesh far2a keteer ..homa el etneen beyfakarony eny 3amala akbar we el habal beyzeed we aho wa2t ma7soob 3alaya we khalas ! the new year eve is just a typical eve for me that ends around 9:00 pm .Mostly every year I am accustomed to witness three typical events just as typical as the new year eve. Someone I know gets married ,Someone I know delivers a new baby to the harsh world (yatara yabny el denia mekhabyalak eh ) and Sadly Someone I know dies (That’s the hard part ) .Yatara ana ba2a el dooor 3alaya fe eh belzabt ?! wala lesa it’s not my turn yet?

When the world was celebrating the millennium ..That’s what I was thinking ” YAAAH yatara hayeegy yom we neb2a 2010 masalan ?! will I witness that ?! A whole decade?! dana sa3etha hab2a kebeera we hakoon khalast el kolleya we bashtaghal we bobos akhooya haykoon fe sanawy :D”
Now as 2010 is approaching That’s what I am thinking “It’s just another additional year. ”

Kol sana wento tayebeen and I really wish that this upcoming year is everyone’s turn for a “happy” event:) don’t let my words turn you off it’s well known that I am not the most optimistic person you’d meet.But sometimes I can make you smile 🙂

Bless you all fellow bloggers 🙂

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Finished knitting my scarf :D and I am proud

It’s not very cute but I love it because i was so persistent in finishing and finalizing what I have started and I count it as an achievement 😀 *BOWS* 😀 .It started as a motivation from my best friend oojy aka gjoe a couple of weeks ago :D. She recommended me to imitate one of the women in “desperate house wives” who used to get over her boredom or fear from time by knitting . It actually worked like wonders 😀 Thanks oojy.


My Scarf:D

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